Meet Dr. Avinash L. Mohan, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

February 4th, 2013 | Posted by harrisonedwards in News
Dr. Avinash L. Mohan

Avinash L. Mohan, M.D.

Youngsters suffering from medulloblastomas, the most common malignant brain tumor in children, now have a higher survival rate than ever before – 80 percent, up from 50 percent just 10 years ago. That is due in part to dedicated physicians like Avinash L. Mohan, M.D., a pediatric neurosurgeon at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and new member of the Westchester Brain Tumor Program team.

Ever since Dr. Mohan cared for his first medulloblastoma patient ten years ago during hew New York medical College residency at Maria Fareri, he has dedicated himself to treating the disease. He was deeply involved in research on the subject while a fellow at the NYU School of Medicine and then at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, before returning to Maria Fareri in 2008.

Most recently, Dr. Mohan co-authored a paper that reviewed the role of mTor (a protein that regulates cell growth) pathways in the development of medulloblastomas and assessed mTor inhibitors as a new therapeutic treatment for the disease.

Dr. Mohan explains that the discovery of the importance of mTor pathways in the development of certain medulloblastomas helps explain why some cases have been resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatments that have targeted other pathways. “The next step is to see how we can intervene with the mTor pathways to best treat the disease,” he says.

Dr. Mohan says his research is a vital part of his clinical care. “If you want to be a good doctor for kids, then you have to be involved in the research world. You need to know what patients are candidates for certain clinical trials, vaccines, and radiation treatment.,” he notes. A resident of Yorktown Heights, Dr. Mohan adds, “I am thrilled that I can be a part of a team that adds a pediatric component to this comprehensive research and treatment program for brain cancer right here in Westchester.”

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